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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Value of Pre-Marital Education: Why It Should Be a Prerequisite of Marriage!

In the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, sometimes we forget to focus on the fact that after the wedding there’s a MARRIAGE! Once you return from your honeymoon, your life will settle into its normal routine, and each couple has to deal with the day-to-day affairs and concerns of everyday life. So how do couples handle all of the varied issues that may arise?

Premarital education is an excellent way to discover tools and techniques that can assist you, as a couple, to navigate the sea of marriage. Maybe you’d like to communicate better than you do now? Or maybe you fight too much? The time for you to face these issues is now—not later in divorce court. If you can spend months to plan a wedding, then you can make the time and put a little effort into planning your marriage.

To further the case about the value of premarital education, take a look at this statistic posted at http://www.articlesbase.com/ (February 2009) entitled, Why You Need Premarital Counseling, “Recent studies have shown that good, premarital counseling can reduce the risk of divorce by up to 30%.” This is a significant statistic. It means that if you take the time and make the effort to participate in a good premarital educational program, you cut your chances of divorce by one-third. Who wouldn’t want to participate?

If you are getting married in a church or synagogue, your clergy may require that you complete premarital counseling .If you are interested in secular counseling, seek the help of a licensed marriage and/or family therapist to work with you.

Take note that some states offer discounts on marriage licenses for couples that complete premarital counseling. Check your individual state’s requirements for details.

I encourage all couples to make time for premarital counseling/education. It’s an investment that will pay off for years to come!

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