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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fine China 101

If you are a bride, I’m sure by now people have begun to inquire about your wedding registry. A registry is a great way to make your gift preferences known to family and friends. In this article, we will talk about one option for inclusion in your registry….fine china!

You may be saying “Why do I need fine china? I barely cook as it is!” When considering your registry choices, think long-term! You may not cook or entertain now, but someday you may! What if you want to host a formal Thanksgiving dinner? You certainly will not serve your guests on Chinet or Dixie, right? :-)

What pieces are included in a typical setting?
A place setting contains the following pieces: dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, coffee cup and saucer. These are the basics that you would need to serve a meal. Additional pieces that are available include serving platters, serving bowls, soup bowls, sugar dishes, creamers, and tea pots. These pieces can be added to complement your basic setting, and can help give your table a coordinated look.

What about patterns?
China companies such as Lenox and Mikasa offer various patterns or styles from which to choose. Patterns may be colorful, or they may be white…the options are endless! Choose a pattern that suits your taste. Because you may not know what your dining room d├ęcor will look like, you may decide on something more neutral, but the choice is yours! Pick a pattern that is timeless, since one day you may be passing it on to your children or grandchildren!

How many place settings should I register for?
Many dining room tables seat 6-8 persons, so I suggest registering for 8 place settings. You should also register for the complementing pieces you would like to receive.

What about price?
Fine china is an investment, so don’t be surprised at the prices you see (it will definitely cost more than more casual dinnerware). Don’t worry…some of your guests may decide to get together and purchase a place setting or other piece of your set. This is why it’s important to balance out your registry with less expensive items, so those who can’t afford to give you china can still give you something you like.

Visit the websites of such companies as Lenox, Mikasa and Noritake to see what patterns are available. Also, check out your local fine department store, such as Macy’s or Dillard’s. They will also have several companies and patterns on display.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Planning and Project Management

Happy Friday! Just had to share this great article about wedding planning and project management. As both a wedding planner and a project manager, I totally agree!

What Wedding Planning Taught Me About Project Management >>> http://ow.ly/2cjhr

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Top 7 Tips for Bridal Gown Shopping Companions

Today’s blog was inspired by several episodes of “Say Yes to The Dress,” a very popular show on the TLC Network. In it, cameras are following brides-to-be and their families and friends as they shop for the perfect dress for their wedding day. The things that struck me most were the reactions and behavior of mothers, sisters and friends as the bride goes through the fun, but arduous task of finding just the right dress for her. Here are some tips I’d like to share with those shopping companions!

Be patient
Bridal gown shopping trips can takes hours! And that’s just at one boutique! If the bride has thought enough of you to accompany her, bring your patience with you!

Remember, it’s NOT your day
Keep in mind that this is the bride’s special time. The bride’s decision on a wedding gown is not about you, but about HER! If you have an opinion about a particular dress, it should be expressed so that it benefits the bride, not so that you can push your own agenda. Which leads me to my next point….

Be kind with your constructive criticism
There will be some styles of gowns that flatter one body type more than another, right? When the bride comes out to get your reaction about a particular dress, be kind and choose your words carefully. Don’t say “that dress makes you look fat” or, “that looks awful on you!” Instead say something like “maybe you should consider a different style.” The bride has asked you to be with her her because she values your opinion and is seeking your constructive criticism (comments that will help her), not your griping and complaining!

Don’t laugh
If you think the bride looks funny in a particular style of dress, don’t laugh! She may actually love it, and your outburst of laughter may hurt her feelings. Again, be nice with your comments so you can help her see why you may not care for a particular dress.

Leave children at home
Unless you absolutely must bring them, a bridal salon is not an ideal place for children, especially young ones. As we stated earlier, the shopping trip can be a long one, and we know that children get impatient very easily. Who wants the special time ruined by a screaming child! 

Don’t be a “Hater”
Allow the bride to have this special time, and don’t let the green-eyed monster of jealousy rear its ugly head! Remember, your time is coming, and I’m sure the bride will be more than happy to share your special time with you! And finally….

If you don’t have the bride’s best interest at heart, stay home!
Be honest in asking yourself these questions….Will I feel a twinge of jealousy? Am I upset because she’s getting married and I’m not? Am I going so that I can tear the bride down? If you can’t control these feelings, and if you really care about the bride, do her a favor and respectfully decline the trip.

Brides! Share this article with those who may be shopping with you! Choose who will accompany you on your gown shopping trips wisely. The last thing you need is something bringing you down!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Polite Answers to Rude Wedding Questions

Just thought I'd share this great post from OurWeddingDay Blog regarding rude (and tacky) questions wedding guests may ask. The responses are tactful and to the point.

It amazes me how rude and downright nosy some people can be! :-)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Share Your Funny (or Strange) Wedding Dreams!

Brides! As you are preparing for the big day, have you been having strange or funny dreams? Leading up to my own wedding, I had this recurring dream of being in the limo on wedding day, and never making it to the church. We just rode around town for hours and hours! Not sure what that dream meant, but in reality, I made it to the church on time! :-)

We would love to hear your funny stories about your wedding dreams!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Changing My Name: Should I or Shouldn't I?

A name change can be a big undertaking! The thought of taking your future husband’s name can be exciting, but several questions may come to mind when considering this:

- Will I lose my identity?
- What if I don’t like my future husband’s last name?
- How will co-workers, friends and family refer to me?
- Can my husband take my name?
- How long will it take for my name to be changed?

These are all legitimate questions! This article is to help guide you to the answers, so you can make the right decision about your name.

How do I go about changing my name?
Ok, so you’ve decided to change your name, and you’ve determined what your name will be. How do you get started? Before the wedding, check with your local municipal government to find out what the process is (this can vary by city). However, the majority of work of changing your name will happen after the wedding!

The most important agencies and organizations who need to know what your new name is are the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration and your employer. As soon as you have received your marriage certificate, make arrangements to have your driver’s license, Social Security Card and employment records updated. Once those are done, then you can make changes on bank accounts, credit cards, and loan accounts. Some companies will allow you to make the changes over the phone, while some will require you fax them a written notice, to include a copy of your marriage certificate.

This can be a lot of work! However, there are tools and kits that can assist you. Google “name change kits” for different options available to you!

One important tip: When booking your honeymoon, book the reservations in your maiden name. You will not have updated documentation (driver’s license and/or passport) to verify your identity, particularly if you are traveling right after the wedding! Airlines and cruise ships will not allow you on board if your travel documents do not match your identification!

Should I hyphenate?
Many brides consider hyphenation for several reasons. Some do not want to lose their identities as an individual. Some may also have built a professional reputation with their maiden names, and do not want to lose that! Whatever the reason, there are options! If you decide to hyphenate, keep in mind that your new last name will be ‘Smith-Jones’, not “Smith” and not “Jones.” Another option for retaining your maiden name is to use is as your middle name, taking your future husband’s last name as your new last name. For example, your name would be “Susan Smith Jones” and your official last name would be “Jones.” Yet another option is to continue to use your maiden name professionally, yet using your husband’s name in other areas. My personal option on this option is that it may be a bit confusing….you will have to keep up with one name in one setting, and another name in another setting!

Do grooms take on the bride’s name?
There are some instances (albeit rare) where your future husband may choose to take on your last name. Although I have never met a person who chooses to do this, it is still an option!

How long will it take to change my name?
Because there are so many entities that need to be officially notified of your new name, it will take some time to accomplish this task. As we mentioned previously, a name change kit can be a big help to you!

Your Planning Assignment
Take some time to think about what you would like your new name to be. Discuss this thoroughly with your future husband…he should be on board with your decision! Remember that you will have this name for the rest of your life, so don’t rush this decision! Finally, be patient with the name change process, and be patient with your family, friends and co-workers. They have to get accustomed to your new name as well!