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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre-Nuptial Agreements - Are They Necessary?

Happy Thursday! I ran across an interesting article regarding pre-nuptials agreements. Take a look and let me know what you think. Would love to get your feedback!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Six Most Common Questions Regarding Bridal Showers

Brides! Are you looking forward to your bridal shower? A bridal shower is an opportunity for you to be fussed over, pampered, and the center of attention! You are blessed with gifts, and your guests will want to know all the details of the wedding (and you are excited to share). A shower is a time for you to HAVE FUN!

Maids of Honor! Are you clueless as to where to start planning a shower for your bride? This article is geared toward brides as well as maids of honor (or others who have been given the responsibility of planning a bridal shower), and is designed to answer the most common questions about bridal showers.

Where did the bridal shower originate?
Wedding showers began as an alternative to a dowry, and is believed to have begun in Holland. The father of a Dutch girl disapproved of her marriage to a man who wasn't wealthy, and he refused to offer a dowry. The townspeople decided to 'shower' the young bride with gifts she would need to start her new home and her new life (Source: bridal-showers.net). And thus, a well-known tradition began!

Who's responsible for planning the shower?
Generally, the maid of honor is responsible for planning and hosting a bridal shower. This can be a big responsibility, so she should enlist the help of the bridesmaids. Brides, please allow your bridal party to plan this for you, and don't be a bridezilla! They will need some input from you, but you should sit back and allow them to do the planning! Keep in mind that the cost of the shower is being handled by someone else, so be remember that when giving input to your bridal party.

What type of shower should be planned?
The bridal shower theme should fit the bride's personality. Will she enjoy a passion party, high tea or a cocktail reception? Brides, this is one of the main areas where your input is needed. If you don't want a have-dressed man as a part of your shower, make that known! J

When should the shower be held and who should be invited?
Showers should be scheduled at least a month (preferably more) before the wedding, in order to avoid the hectic weeks approaching the big day. You should reserve the few weeks leading up to the wedding for handling last-minute details.

Your invitees should be close family members and friends. A shower is an intimate celebration and, in my opinion, should be reserved for a small group of people.

Should we give bridal shower favors?
Absolutely! Favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming and provide them a keepsake of the party. The linked article provides great suggestions on really cute favors!


When do I send thank you notes?
It's important that you acknowledge every gift given at your shower. You should do so with a handwritten thank you note (yes I said handwritten), sent within three weeks of receiving the gift. Get started on these shortly after the shower, so you don't fall behind.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bridal Bliss - from Essence.com

I have really enjoyed following this Bridal Bliss series from Essence.com (hope you have too)!Here's the latest edition.


Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Free Report

Happy Tuesday!

An Elegant Affair is excited to announce a new free report! "Knowledge is Power! Seven Common Mis-Steps Brides Make" outlines the typical mistakes that brides tend to make, along with ways to avoid those faux pas! If you are a bride and would like to receive our latest free report, please contact us at http://an-elegant-affair.net/contact.html (please indicate you're interested in the new free report).

Have a great day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tipping, According to Tradition: From Say Yes to The Dress

How many of us think about tipping when it comes to our wedding vendors? The following article posted on the Say Yes to The Dress blog provides great insight on who should be tipped for services rendered.

I hope you find it as informative as I did!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top Five Reception Types: Which One Works Best For Me?

As you begin to plan your reception, you will soon realize that there are a multitude of options to consider (beyond the venue!) Some of the questions you should be asking are: What type of reception do you want your guests to experience? What type of food will you serve? What time of day will the reception take place? How do you want your reception to flow? This article will focus on reception types as it relates to food (future articles will talk about such things as time of day and seating arrangements).

A wedding and the celebration that follows can make for a long day for your guests (or at minimum, several hours out of their day). You should keep this in mind when deciding on the type of reception to have. Guests should not be expected to spend several hours with you and not be served something to eat!

There are several reception types from which to choose. They are:

• Plated Meal – This is also known as a sit-down meal, where guests are served a meal while seated at their tables. This meal can consist of several courses, starting with an appetizer, followed by salad, the main course and dessert. Wait staff are available to serve each course of the meal. Depending on what time of day your reception is held, this can be a sit-down brunch, luncheon or dinner.

• Buffet – With a buffet meal, guests leave the tables and prepare their plates themselves. Be careful when choosing this style of reception. Guests will be moving around, so you want to make sure there is sufficient space for the serving tables. You also want to plan for multiple buffet lines so that guests don’t stand in line for long periods of time. Additionally, because there is no portion control with a buffet, more food needs to be prepared, and as a result, this can be a more expensive option than the plated meal. In my opinion, this type of reception does not work well for a formal wedding (imagine a female guest trying to hold up her gown and her plate at the same time!)

• Family-style Meal – A hot reception trend is to have the meal served family-style, where large portions of each dish are placed on the table, and guests pass the serving dishes around and serve themselves. This is a great format if you want more guest interaction at the table, and guests do not have to leave their seats to serve themselves.

• Hors D’Oeuvres – With this option, guests mingle and partake of various appetizers and other food items. Again, you will need to ensure there is sufficient space, since guests will be constantly moving around. You may also have action stations with this option, which may include carving stations and pasta stations.

• Dessert – As was stated earlier, guests really should be served food at your reception. But if your reception is scheduled after the dinner hour, one option is to have a dessert reception. Guests are served a variety of cakes and pastries, along with a beverage such as coffee. If you choose to go this route, please make sure this is stated clearly on the reception card, so guests will not expect anything more.

As you consider these alternatives, please bear in mind how you desire your guests to interact with one other at your reception. Do you want lots of conversation, with guests having the opportunity to talk to many people, or do you want more intimate conversations and interactions? Consider your own preferences, personality and style as you make these decisions. After all, this is your official party as husband and wife, and you want it to memorable for you as well as your guests!

Your Planning Assignment:
Brain-storm with your fiancé to determine the type of reception you want to have. Share these ideas with the catering managers when you visit potential reception venues.

Happy Planning!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Invitation Timelines

Not sure when to order your invitations? Or do you have questions about how much time you should factor in for calligraphy?

Here's a great blog by Marjorie of WeddingAces that answers these and other questions. Thanks Marjorie for sharing this great information!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Getting The Groom Involved

Brides, are you frustrated with your groom's the level of involvement in wedding planning? If so, I feel your pain!

I found a great article written by Emmanuela Stanislaus of Precious Occasions regarding ideas on how to get the groom involved and interested! Thanks Emmanuela for writing a such a timely article!