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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Six Most Common Questions Regarding Bridal Showers

Brides! Are you looking forward to your bridal shower? A bridal shower is an opportunity for you to be fussed over, pampered, and the center of attention! You are blessed with gifts, and your guests will want to know all the details of the wedding (and you are excited to share). A shower is a time for you to HAVE FUN!

Maids of Honor! Are you clueless as to where to start planning a shower for your bride? This article is geared toward brides as well as maids of honor (or others who have been given the responsibility of planning a bridal shower), and is designed to answer the most common questions about bridal showers.

Where did the bridal shower originate?
Wedding showers began as an alternative to a dowry, and is believed to have begun in Holland. The father of a Dutch girl disapproved of her marriage to a man who wasn't wealthy, and he refused to offer a dowry. The townspeople decided to 'shower' the young bride with gifts she would need to start her new home and her new life (Source: bridal-showers.net). And thus, a well-known tradition began!

Who's responsible for planning the shower?
Generally, the maid of honor is responsible for planning and hosting a bridal shower. This can be a big responsibility, so she should enlist the help of the bridesmaids. Brides, please allow your bridal party to plan this for you, and don't be a bridezilla! They will need some input from you, but you should sit back and allow them to do the planning! Keep in mind that the cost of the shower is being handled by someone else, so be remember that when giving input to your bridal party.

What type of shower should be planned?
The bridal shower theme should fit the bride's personality. Will she enjoy a passion party, high tea or a cocktail reception? Brides, this is one of the main areas where your input is needed. If you don't want a have-dressed man as a part of your shower, make that known! J

When should the shower be held and who should be invited?
Showers should be scheduled at least a month (preferably more) before the wedding, in order to avoid the hectic weeks approaching the big day. You should reserve the few weeks leading up to the wedding for handling last-minute details.

Your invitees should be close family members and friends. A shower is an intimate celebration and, in my opinion, should be reserved for a small group of people.

Should we give bridal shower favors?
Absolutely! Favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming and provide them a keepsake of the party. The linked article provides great suggestions on really cute favors!


When do I send thank you notes?
It's important that you acknowledge every gift given at your shower. You should do so with a handwritten thank you note (yes I said handwritten), sent within three weeks of receiving the gift. Get started on these shortly after the shower, so you don't fall behind.


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