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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Share Your Funny (or Strange) Wedding Dreams!

Brides! As you are preparing for the big day, have you been having strange or funny dreams? Leading up to my own wedding, I had this recurring dream of being in the limo on wedding day, and never making it to the church. We just rode around town for hours and hours! Not sure what that dream meant, but in reality, I made it to the church on time! :-)

We would love to hear your funny stories about your wedding dreams!


  1. When my daughter was married last year, I had a dream that I missed the entire reception because I was off in another room arguing with a friend (with whom, by the way, I never argue in real life--so it was very weird). In my dream, the friend stomped off angrily and I spent the rest of the time trying to track her down to smooth things over--all the while hearing the reception going on in the background and knowing I was missing it!

    As I was officiating the wedding in front of family and friends, one would think I'd have had anxiety dreams about the ceremony, not the reception, but I didn't.

  2. Interesting! Yes, one would think you'd have dreams about officiating. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My best friends wedding was this past May. I am good friends with both the bride and groom and have known them each for awhile. The groom was super super nervous for the wedding ( it doesn't help that he doesn't like having attention ha ha) Anyways, he had a dream a couple nights before that his bride walked into the church and sh was like 600 pounds!!! At the sight of this he ran out of the chapel only to find his real bride. When he fearfully explained what had just happened she calmly replied oh honey don't worry that's my stunt double!!!! And that's when he woke up haha! Needless to say the next day she bought him a shirt that said 007 ;)

  4. That's a good one! Thanks for sharing!