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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lighting 101

As you begin to plan your wedding reception, there are many things to consider. Whether your reception will be upbeat and fun or formal and elegant, lighting is one element that can assist in making it the reception you desire!

Why use lighting?
Lighting sets the mood and the atmosphere! If you want the setting more intimate (during dinner perhaps), softer lighting would be in order. Then, when it’s time to pick up the pace, you can change to brighter, flashing lighting (don’t overdo it, though…too much flash can actually affect some people’s equilibrium). You can have lighting that will change colors, using colors that coordinate with your overall wedding décor. Lighting can transform even the plainest room to the setting your desire!

What is uplighting?
Uplights are theatrical lights placed at floor level throughout a room. They are aimed upwards to add a beam of light (with the color of your choice) to walls and ceilings. In addition to adding lighting to the ceiling and walls, uplighting can also be used to highlight a particular area of the room (your cake table or sweetheart table for example). If you don’t want to use a lot of overhead lighting, uplighting is a great way to go!

What is GOBO?
GOBO is the projection of light of a design onto a wall, floor, ceiling or dance floor. A monogram can be designed especially for your wedding and can be projected to add a touch of uniqueness to the décor of your reception. See the picture above for an example of a gobo and how it can be displayed.
What is Intelligent Lighting?
This is lighting that has the ability to change colors and patterns, and can move and change at predetermined time intervals. It can definitely create an exciting atmosphere!

Other simple lighting ideas
You can have tea lights on your tables to give a soft glow (this works well especially during dinner for an evening reception). If you are having an outdoor reception, consider lanterns in trees and lighting for walkways. The possibilities are endless!

Your Planning Assignment
There’s no need to be an expert regarding lighting. Write down your vision and consider hire an expert lighting designer! They can take your vision and translate it into the lighting that will create the perfect look for your special day!

Happy Planning!

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