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Monday, October 25, 2010

When The Happiest Time Of Your Life Is A Friend’s Saddest

I could definitely relate to this article. A sorority sister asked me (almost a year in advance) to sing in her wedding. Of course, I said yes, not knowing that by the time her wedding came around, I would be divorced. It was a difficult situation for me, but I got through it. Since the bride lived out of town, I chose not to tell my sorority sister about my divorce (I didn't want to have a cloud hanging over her special day).

Not everyone is excited when a bride announces her engagement (I'm not talking about those who are jealous, but those who are going through difficult situations). Should a bride be sensitive to others' feelings, or should she not worry about it?


Thanks WedAlert for an interesting blog post!

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  1. I can totally relate. I've been a wedding officiant as a married person, a divorced person and a married person again. While my couples certainly didn't see any difference in my performance, trust me--on the inside, being happily married is better when you're attending (or officiating) someone else's wedding.

    This reminds me of a bezillion years ago (okay--29) when I discovered my surprise pregnancy (of what turned out to be my first daughter) after 6 months of marriage and not even trying to conceive. I had the hardest time telling my sister in law--5 years my senior and she'd been trying to conceive for years.

    Fortunately, she received the news enthusiastically (at least on the outside). They went on to adopt, and the two girl cousins grew up less than a year apart in age.

    Bottom line is that we never know what circumstances life will throw our way and how they will turn out in the long run.